General Truck Body firefighting apparatus units can be mounted on any commercial vehicle, domestic or foreign, gasoline or diesel, medium or heavy duty. All truck mounted bodies are built with non-corrosive high quality components. The all-aluminum basic body structure allows more payload capacity for the equipment needed to maximize performance. Interior compartments are coated with bed liner protection and thick rubber drain mats. LED lighting is standard, including emergency lighting.

  • Custom design and layout options (compartment body, crosswalk body, rescue body) that can be engineered to meet our customer’s specific needs.
  • Optional traverse storage compartment purposefully designed to store and protect large tools, equipment, and personal items.
  • Rugged body construction utilizing the highest grade materials
  • Complete accessibility to pump, plumbing, and valves minimizing time spent during routine maintenance.
  • Off-road suspension and protective skid plates
  • Heavy duty / custom front bumpers
  • In-cab pump controls come standard, streamlining operations.
  • Centralized electrical access box with schematic placard
  • Industry leading build times